Luca Ganassali


Since October 2022, I am a postdoctoral researcher at EPFL in BAN chair led by Prof. Negar Kiyavash. Prior to that, I was a PhD student at Inria Paris in the Dyogene team, under the supervision of Laurent Massoulié and Marc Lelarge. Here is a short CV.

I am currently working on:

    - Statistical inference in graphs and matrices

    - Informational and computational thresholds for algorithms on random instances

    - Optimal transport for statistical learning

    - Bayesian networks, causality


Email adress: luca [dot] ganassali [at] epfl [dot] ch

Physical adress: Office 316, Building ODY, EPFL, Lausanne.

Publications and preprints

(Google Scholar, arXiv)

Conferences, workshops, talks